Zoo Animals (PC) (6)


The Lost Land

Average height:

1-2' tall


Small, horse-like body.


Palaeotherium is a small horse-like animal that is found throughout Turok: Evolution in many chapters and the "Zoo." It is a harmless creature and will not attack. They are often found in groups.


These animals are small, green, and are horse-like in appearance. They have small craniums and spindly legs, which hold up a small, plump body. They have tails, which are short and of little use.


In gameplay, these animals are only encountered once in "Into the Jungle." They are on the shoreline beside the Stegosaurus herd, in groups of 7-8.

They are harmless and will die easily, being killed in one blow from any weapon. They have fast movement speed and will run from the player if they get too close; however, landing a shot on these mammals is easy.

Dead Palaeotherium are used as health pick-ups during the flight levels.

List of appearancesEdit

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