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Palace of Lamia
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Turok: Evolution



"Beware. The forgotten people of this place do not like trespassers."
Turok: Evolution

Palace of Lamia is a multiplayer map first introduced in Turok: Evolution. It takes place in an abandoned temple that is surrounded by large walls.

There are four buildings present with each containing weapons, ammo, and pickups. This map also features a few interactive buttons.


This map is a symmetrical boxed-in map. This makes navigation easy in the four temples located around the immediate area. There are teleporters in the corners of the map that can be used to your advantage.

This map features four large temples. There is the Main Temple, the Side Temples and the Back Temple. There is also a shrine in the center of the map.

Note: The "Left" Temple and "Right" Temple refer to their positions when viewed from the Main Temple.

  • The Main Temple

The Main Temple is the tallest of the bunch and ironically only contains the fewest goodies. The first floor contains a Shotgun, Arrows and Grenades. The second floor has Poison Arrows and Pistol Ammo. The final floor has another Shotgun and a Plasma Cannon battery.

  • The Left Temple

The Left Temple is the most open-spaced temple having one floor totally open with no obstructions, such as walls. One unique feature about this temple are the spikes located on the top floors roof. By activating the button on the front of the temple the player will make the spikes fall down causing massive damage and killing anybody on the top floor. The top floor contains a Flechette Gun and Rocket Ammo along with an Empathy Chest Plate. the lower floor has Grenades, a Shotgun, Health Packs and Jump Boots.

  • The Right Temple

The Right Temple is a very useful temple. There is a random idol located on the top floor in front of another button. This button when activated will cause the skull to fall and rise again which will reveal another Flechette Gun. There is a multitude of ammo including Shotgun Ammo, Arrows and Minigun Rounds. There are also Health Packs and Pistol rounds. This temple also contains the Jump Boots and Death Helm. The Death Helm is on the second floor on the outside wall ridge.

  • The Back Temple

The Back Temple is the temple perpendicular to the Main Temple. It features two floors that hold Shotguns, Health Packs and a Shield Belt. The center of the map is also host to a shrine. It is held up by six pillars and also has a pool of water below it. It is vital to go here every once in a while because the shrine has the Cloaking Belt and the dreaded Swarm Bore ammo.

It is also the site of an idol spawn. The only way to access the top pillars is to obtain the Jump Boots from the adjacent temples. You can also launch surprise attacks from the water that is below the shrine.

Probably unknown to many players are two teleporters placed across the map from each other. They instantly teleport the player to the other teleporter and can allow for an easy escape from attacks. They are located in the corners of the map and have pickups near them.

The unique feature to this map is the presence of two buttons that can be interacted with. One button is meant to be used as a trap as it lowers a roof full of spikes down on opponents. The second button allows the player to spawn in a Flechette Gun from an orange skull's jaw. The buttons are located in the Left and Right Temples respectively and they reset after a certain period of time.


  • The music that plays in this map is "Palace of Lamia." This piece of music is also heard during "Dinosaur Graveyard" in Chapter 6.
  • The teleporters have the same animation and sound as the Sleg Monks in Chapters 4, 5, and 6.
  • The water in this map has no animation for when it is interacted with, meaning it will remain calm even when shot at.
  • An unusual events occurs when you shoot a rocket into the sky. Instead of becoming smaller as it furthers in distance, then exploding, it vanishes completely accompanied by the massive boom of the rocket shot a short time later. This is due to the cloud cover above the map.
  • This map is also one of the few to feature moving clouds instead of a static sky-box.
  • This map was the test map for all weapons, A.I, and demonstrations. This is seen with many images of multiplayer, which shows this map being used and no other.

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