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Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin was a member of the Kiowa-Apache nation who lived around 10,000 years ago. He made his first appearance in the Turok comic Turok: The Empty Souls. He is mentioned in subsequent comic books as well as the Turok junior novels.

Saquin is responsible for the origin of the Turok lineage as well as the discovery of the Lost Land and the opening of a rift between the Lost Land and Earth.


Around 10,000 years ago, Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin and his people had been hit by a terrible winter storm, forcing them to flee to warmer climates. Along their journey through what today is now known as the Rocky Mountains, Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin found a small sliver of spatial and temporal energy encased inside amber buried deep in a dark cave.

He promptly named this the Jek'La'Na'Cest, the Timefire. Hoping that his new discovery could provide help for his people, Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin tried to open it, but instead, a small fissure in the sliver of amber sucked him into a vortex and deposited him in what is now known as the Lost Land.

Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin struggled for years to find a way back home to no avail. In time, he managed to return home to his people but in doing so had created a rift between the Lost Land, the Netherscape, and Earth, allowing Dinosoids to safely traverse between worlds.

Shortly after his return, Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin realized the danger the Dinosoids presented to Earth. He renamed his family the Cellen'Jek'La, the Seeds of Fire, for the evil he had planted on Earth had to be sown. The Turok lineage was born.

List of appearancesEdit


  • Turok: The Empty Souls (First appearance) (Appears in vision)

Junior Novels

  • Turok: Way of the Warrior (Indirect mention only)
  • Turok: Seeds of Evil junior novel (Mentioned only) (As Pal'Seg Na'Saquin)
  • Turok: Arena of Doom (Indirect mention only)
  • Turok: Path of Destruction (Indirect mention only)
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