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The PSG, or Personal Singularity Generator, is a weapon featured in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. As its names implies, it is a device that generates black holes.


The PSG is a high-tech doomsday device of unknown origin. It features a large and bulky design which houses an array of pieces which allow the weapon to create and "fire" black holes.

The barrel seems to feature a white hole of some sorts, which neutralizes the effects of the anti-matter charges the black hole emits while under pressure.

It also features a small display which indicates how long it will take before the weapon can be fired again.


The weapon fires miniature black holes, which will suck in any enemies in the vicinity, as well as the player. After a few seconds, any enemy not sucked into the singularity will be vaporized by the explosion created after the black hole dissipates.

Ammo for this weapon is infinite, though it must recharge its anti-matter tank before it is able to be fired again, which takes one minute without the "Unlimited Ammo" cheat and 20 seconds with the cheat enabled.

Like the Chronoscepter and the Nuke, this weapon must be assembled before it can be used. Each chapter in Turok 3 holds a piece of the PSG. These pieces are always located at the same spot, regardless of whether the player is using Danielle or Joseph Fireseed.

The PSG is also the only weapon capable of killing the Police Troopers.

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