PFM Layer


Turok Rage Wars Arsenal - PFM Pak

Production overview

Weapon Type:

Mine Deployer

Ammunition type:

Proximity Mines

Ammo Capacity:


Range Type:

Mid-range (Detonation depends on the enemy(s) distance)

Secondary Function:


Service history

First Located:

Hive of the Mantids


The PFM Layer (Proximity Fragmentation Mine Layer) is a weapon that appears in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and as a small pick-up in Turok: Rage Wars.

The weapon lays proximity mines that are capable of blowing off the legs of most enemies caught within its radius.


The PFM Layer is a futuristic weapon that appears to be made of some sort of metal. It has a horizontal barrel designed to lay a flat item, like the PFM.

It appears to run on drum rounds and has a similar feed style to that of the Auto Shotgun or Shredder.


The PFM Layer is intended to be used for booby trapping areas, mostly areas that have patrolling enemies. When the weapon is fired, the mine will deploy just a few feet from the player.

Once it lands, the mine will emit a small radar (indicated by a green, pulsating ring) which will detect any enemies in the vicinity and will trigger the mine to self-destruct. Any enemies caught within the blast radius will either die immediately or be mortally wounded. The player must be cautious as to where to deploy the mine; once the mine has been set, it cannot be picked up again.

This weapon can be useful for luring an enemy into a trap and can work on groups of three or more enemies. A situation where this weapon works best is if two enemies begin fighting each other; while they are distracted, the player can deploy a mine near them and, if lucky, the mine will detonate and take out both enemies at once.

Another technique that the player can use is to deploy a mine in advance and then shoot at a nearby enemy to get its attention. The player can then lure the enemy into the blast radius and observe the lethal aftermath.

The player will know when the mine is about to explode when it bounces into the air for a moment before exploding in a ring of shrapnel. Only one mine can be deployed at a time. If the player were to try to lay a second mine, the previous one will detonate. This can be avoided if the player deploys the next mine outside the range of the first mine, making this weapon perfect for clearing entire rooms. In Night Dive Studios' remaster of Seeds of Evil, the player can lay three mines in close proximity before a fourth detonates the lot.

Players must be cautious when groups of the enemies are attacking with a mine deployed, since enemies like Raptoids can backflip to avoid the explosion. Mantids can also take off in flight on their jetpacks.

This weapon is not recommended for close encounters.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon: Restores three mines.
  • Mine: Restores one mine.


  • In Turok: Rage Wars, the PFM Layer does not appear, but the same type of mine appears as a hand-tossed explosive. This weapon goes under the name P. F. M. (Proximity Frag Mine).

List of appearancesEdit

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