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"This huge acid-dwelling creature lives in the Lost Land Junkyard. Try to dodge his acid and whip-like tentacles. You'll need to restrict him to one section of the trash disposal area before you can destroy him for good."
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

The Opisthor is a large slug-like creature that appears in the Lost Land Junkyard chapter of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.


The Opisthor appears to be a mutated creature that is part slug, part crab. The main part of its body resembles a slug. It has a pair of eyestalks and four claws on the side of its belly. It has four legs, three larger organic legs, and a smaller, spindly robotic leg. The Opisthor's lower body is a large shell in which it can hide. On the top of the shell is a large cannon from which the Opisthor can fire acid rounds.


There are four pools around the arena where the Opisthor is fought. After the player has done enough damage to it, the creature will retreat into the pool. On the wall next to the pool is a switch that the player must press to seal off the pool. The process must be repeated with the other pools before the doors to the center arena will open, where the player must face the Opisthor one final time, killing it.

The Opisthor has three main attacks. The first attack is a sweeping melee attack with its tentacles. The second attack is the aforementioned acid attack from the cannon on its back. The third attack is an energy blast that it fires from its mouth. All are easily avoided.

In between closing all four pool hatches and confronting the Opisthor for the final time, Lost Ones will spawn throughout the arena. While not a threat, the player can use them, and the arena's item respawns, as opportunities to replenish health and ammunition through their dropped items.


  • The Opisthor is the third smallest boss in Turok 3. The only ones shorter are the Warlord miniboss and Oblivion.
  • The Opisthor is one of the few bosses in the series that can replenish its health. This occurs whenever the player causes it to retreat into a pool after taking out its health. It will resurface in another pool with full health.

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