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"Spot has been possessed by the spirit of Oblivion! This hell hound will spit acid at you and tear a chunk out of your hide if you let him get too close."
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

The Oblivion Hound is a dog that became possessed by Oblivion, becoming larger and more ferocious.


This creature takes the appearance of a large dog of unknown breed. Its fur and skin is black, and its eye color, much like the other Oblivion spawn, is a sickly yellow.

It has broad shoulders, one of which bares a large hole from an unknown wound, and its jaw is lined with rows of teeth.


In terms of gameplay, these enemies do not do much. They simply lunge at the player in the hopes that they can take a chunk out of their health bar. They are insanely weak enemies, and they can be easily felled with an arrow.


  • In an early version of Turok 3, the Oblivion Hound was originally meant to be a scorpion/dog hybrid that attacked with both its jaws and its stinger. It is unknown why the design was changed before release.

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