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"This is a SWAT team’s police cruiser infected by the essence of Oblivion. It has huge powerful jaws and strong tentacles that will deal with you up close. When it reels back, watch out for its powerful missiles!"
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

The Oblivion Gunship is one of the bosses seen in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. It is controlled by Oblivion.


The Gunships have an appearance very similar to to a V-22 Osprey. They feature twin VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) engines, and they feature the same blue and gold coloration that the other SWAT units exhibit. There is a large "SWAT" logo emblazoned on the prow, and there is also a massive searchlight below that logo.

The Oblivion Gunship additionally features two large tentacles that emerge from its back, as well as an enormous tentacle that anchors the Gunship to the Breach. The front of the Gunship has opened up, revealing a gaping maw filled with massive teeth.


One of the SWAT gunships crashes into the skyway connecting the hotel and the building beneath the Breach. Other than that, the gunships are A.I.-controlled characters. When on the rooftops, a cutscene will show one of the gunships dropping off soldiers to deal with a Stryder.

These gunships can be seen flying around the area surrounding the breach for the duration of the level. They are capable of light personnel containment (with the machine gun) and armed forces insertion.

The boss battle against the Oblivion Gunship is one of the easiest bosses in the game. The Gunship will maneuver itself around the arena, keeping the player within its sights at all times and flying around the outside of the building perimeter if the player tries to hide on the lower level.

The Gunship has two attacks: a melee swipe with its tentacles and a rocket launcher attack that it uses from range.

The player can easily win this battle by standing directly under the Gunship on the roof and blasting away at it with the Shotgun.

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