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"Oblivion is an ancient enemy who has the power to destroy whole civilizations. He is powered by the ore refineries in his headquarters. If he loses any energy he can simply recharge himself with the power from the factories. He has many attacks that you must avoid and you’ll have to pound on him until he’s vulnerable. Be prepared for the battle of your life!"
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

Oblivion is a vastly powerful creature first introduced in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil as an unseen secondary antagonist and then featured as the main antagonist and final boss in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. Oblivion is an ancient, savage entity, a cosmic life form capable of devouring entire worlds, rendering them lifeless and barren.

It is bent on destroying the Turok bloodline, the protectors of the energy within the Light Burden, the only thing that has ever caused it to feel pain. It also spawned a race called the Flesh Eaters, an army of creatures bound to Oblivion as a single entity that carry out its whims. David Dienstbier provided the voice of Oblivion in Seeds of Evil.


Oblivion looks like an abomination that have have 4 legs, 4 arms and one with a strange "orb" that allow it conjure spells and also it have a big eye in the right side, while in the left side, it have 3 little eyes. Also, its body show its organs visibles with the naked eye, including a strange "mouth" in its torso, making that oblivion would be an abomination.


This is a hard boss if you aren't prepared. Oblivion attack using energy projections and shockwaves that can be hard to avoid if you don't see it coming. Also, avoid that oblivion can be close you, because it will crush you with its appendages. Also, Oblivion is capable of replenish completely its heal two times if it lose a lot heal during the battle.

To defeat it, you should attack its weakpoints: its appendage that have a strange blue orb, and the "mouth" in its torso that normally is closed to avoid damage to attack it. Generally the most avalaible option is attack its appendage, causing a minimal damage, making the boss fight long and hard.

To attack its "mouth", you need use the PSG-1 to stun it, and oblivion will open its "mouth" leaving it vulnerable to be attack, allowing you cause to oblivion a lot damage with any weapon, defeating him relatively easily.


Oblivion Healing

Oblivion healing itself.

Before our universe was created, and before the Lost Land, there was Oblivion, a savage entity drifting through the cosmos like a monstrous jellyfish. Oblivion consumed every planet it came into contact with, invading the bodies of the living and devouring them from the inside, feeding off the very energies of the dead and dying.

When the Primagen's Lightship was destroyed, the explosion created an energy surge triggering a chain reaction so powerful that the universe as it existed was completely destroyed. The resulting shockwave annihilated Oblivion's body, tearing it to shreds.

The moment the Lost Land was created, Oblivion first felt pain, fear, and hatred. Life sprang forth in the wake of death, and a new universe was born: our universe. Oblivion managed to survive. Though nearly obliterated by the pure energy source that would later be known as the Light Burden, Oblivion lived and, while regaining its strength, began looking for a way to punch a hole through the netherscape which separates our world from the Lost Land and the Lost Land from countless others.

The Turok line must die, so the Light Burden that carries the last traces of the energy that is its bane will disappear, then chaos will befall the omniverse, and Oblivion can be completely reborn and once again become the most powerful being that ever lived. According to Adon, Oblivion exists beyond the universe's fundamental forces of good and evil, light and dark, and order or chaos. She also reveals that previous Turoks have encountered it before.

Turok 2: Seeds of EvilEdit

When the Primagen first awoke and launched his campaign against the Lazarus Concordance, Oblivion knew that his success would be quite convenient for its own desires and finally made a move by placing fake Talisman chambers in every area that contained an Energy Totem, which would lead Joshua Fireseed into a dark, ominous area resembling Oblivion's Headquarters, where Oblivion Spawn lied in wait, ready to kill Joshua on sight.

Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionEdit


In Turok 3, two years after Seeds of Evil, Joshua was being tormented by dreams of Oblivion due to its ever-nearing presence, which included images of a child being the key to salvation.

Soon afterward, Oblivion would make good on its earlier threats when it finally breached Earth, sending the planet into chaos, immediately beginning to devour its life force. Oblivion's Sentinels appeared in the Fireseed family's home through temporal rifts, forcing Josh to sacrifice himself so his siblings, Danielle and Joseph, could escape.

When Danielle or Joseph destroyed Oblivion's body, a small piece of it that made up its essence possessed Joshua's body, to make him fight as its puppet. Upon defeating the infested Joshua, Danielle and Joseph destroyed Oblivion's Essence with the Light Burdens they carried, wiping it out for good.

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