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"Peace and tranquility. You will find none of that here."
—Lieutenant Smythe, 403

Oasis is the eighth map in Turok: Evolution's multiplayer roster. It takes place in a dense jungle during the day.


This map is asymmetric. It is also the first map to take place completely in a jungle. As such, there is a lot of foliage to hide in along with a cave to use to the player's advantage. This map, like "Selkirk Complex," also brings A.I. dinosaurs in the mix. This time, however, the dinosaurs presented here are Compsognathus.

Oasis is a very unique map. Not only is it a massive jungle with multiple ways to combat a situation, there are multiple hazards and dinosaurs to keep the player constantly on their toes. One constant hazard is the aforementioned dinosaur threat. It consists of four Compsognathus who will constantly nibble and bite at their feet. The player can shoot them and incapacitate them but they will keep getting up over and over again.

Other hazards include falling off of the two bridges that dominate the map. These bridges, however, are stocked full of weapons, upgrades and ammo, including the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Cannon. There are caves around the outskirts of the map that contain health packs and small caliber weapons. They are also very narrow and can be very confusing to a new player. Much of the foliage can be used to the player's advantage, but the Compies will usually drive them out before they can make any complex plans.

Lastly, there are many nooks where armor pieces are found. They are located on the ground level and are usually hard to distinguish from rocks surrounding them meaning that finding the Cloaking Belt and the Empathy Chest Plate is slightly harder than usual, as they blend in.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Twin Bridges

These bridges hold items like the Rocket Launcher and the Plasma Cannon. It also holds a Death Helm along with an Idol. However, Compies are still able to climb up to and attack players on the bridges.


  • The Compies on this level do not die when shot at. They will merely fall to the ground and then get back up to attack the player again.
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