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The ORO War Horse Chaingun is a machine gun featured in Turok that is the signature weapon of both the MG Heavy Weapons and Jericho.

When the secondary function is activated, the gun can be placed onto a stand as an automated turret. When the turret is activated, the weapon will not reload itself, and it must be picked up and manually reloaded instead.


The War Horse is a space gray and black weapon with six barrels. This weapon is very bulky compared to other weapons.

It has a large back end which requires the use of a handle for it to be held properly. The barrels are all connected by metal pieces, and the barrels themselves extend about a foot from the handle.



This weapon is found later on in the Turok campaign. The War Horse acts as the Minigun of the game, as it slows down the player by a tiny fraction and it features six barrels of death, each capable of firing multiple rounds at insane speeds.

It is very effective at mowing anything down at close range, but it suffers terribly at long-range combat. This is due to the massive reticule and the wide bullet spread that occurs when in use. It is effective against any ground unit and will easily kill in only a few bullets.

The War Horse's effectiveness against MG Soldiers is, in a sense, nullified by its spread and recoil, which can make the player reconsider its use against human opponents as it will not be as accurate in comparison to larger enemies, like Utahraptors or other dinosaurs.


In Co-Op, this weapon is rare and hard to obtain, unless the player kills an MG Heavy Weapons soldier. However, once obtained, it holds the same properties as it does in the campaign and can be used as a mounted, automatic turret.


In multiplayer, this weapon is more rare and hard to find. It possesses the same raw power that it has in the campaign and also features the same exact downfalls. For one, it slows the player's movement, which means that opposing players can easily take them down with weapons like the ORO Enforcer Shotgun or ORO FG8 Frag Grenade.

Overall, the weapon is powerful and can earn an easy, but unpredictable, headshot; however, it is hampered by its movement speed limit and activation rate.

Alternate Fire: Turret DeploymentEdit

The War Horse's special ability is an auto-sentry role where the player places the weapon down and it automatically aims and fires at soldiers and dinosaurs alike.

This is an effective thing to do when the player wants to hold a location down. The only drawback is that the player needs to reload the weapon manually when its magazine runs dry. This can leave the player vulnerable since the reloading process takes about five seconds, leaving them unable to attack or defend.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • ORO War Horse Chaingun: Restores 500 Minigun Rounds.
  • Minigun Ammo: Restores 300 Minigun Rounds.


  • Despite there being a handle located on the top of the gun, all characters in the game, including Joseph Turok, do not use it.
  • Despite being called a "Chaingun," this weapon is actually a Minigun. This can be seen by the six rotating barrels and the method of handling.

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