For the weapon featured in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, see Pulse Rifle.

ORO L66 pulse rifle
Production overview




Machine Gun

Ammunition type:

Depleted Uranium and Pulse Grenades

Feed system:

100/400 Rounds, 3/12 Grenades

Service history

In service:

In Use



The ORO L66 Pulse Rifle is a largely manufactured weapon in Turok. It contains a magazine of 100 depleted uranium rounds and can hold a reserve of 400 rounds for its main fire mode.


This weapon's first appearance is in the level "Bad Blood" where it is shown in some crates behind bars. It is unable to be used here. It is then seen again in "Reunions" where it is used by MG soldiers and is able to be used.

It has a large silver barrel, an ammo indicator near the back end of the gun, and a temperature gauge just below the ammo indicator. This gun bears a massive resemblance to Turok: Evolution's Plasma Cannon.


This gun is one of the most effective weapons in the game and will probably be the gun players use most during the Turok campaign. It has very low recoil, great accuracy, and an even greater damage and rate of fire.

It is able to destroy most enemies with just a few seconds of concentrated gunfire; most dinosaurs will not stand a chance against it. It has a high amount of reserve ammo, and it only takes a few shots to kill enemies, so it will take a while before the player runs out of ammo. Ammunition is plentiful as many enemies use this weapon, not to mention the amount of ammo stations containing Pulse Rifle ammo.

The only true disadvantage to using this weapon is its overheating problem. It does not take long to overheat the gun itself and render it inoperable for a few seconds. While this may seem to be a short period of time, it can give the enemy enough time to easily gun the player down, especially on Inhuman difficulty.

Alternate Fire: Disruption GrenadeEdit

The secondary feature of this weapon is an under-barrel disruption grenade launcher. They can be fired in groups of three, and, when fired, their detonation will cause a massive, but harmless, explosion that will launch enemies and dinosaurs alike into the air. It can be useful for clearing small rooms; however, it can also be the player's worst enemy due to the splash damage.

Many enemy types tend to use these grenades and will try to blow the player out of cover so they can spray the player down with automatic weapons fire. These grenades also have a noticeable drop off, though it is much less than that of the Tek Arrows. Overall, the disruption grenades are very useful but should be used sparingly as the player can only store 12 at once, with three being stored in the magazine by default.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • ORO L66 Pulse Rifle: Restores 100 Pulse Rifle Rounds.
  • Pulse Rifle Ammo: Restores 100 Pulse Rifle Rounds.


  • This weapon's reloading animation is surprisingly similar to Halo 2 and Halo 3's Covenant Carbine.
  • This weapon was originally meant to be a railgun, as seen by both the weapon's file name in renders and the game files themselves.

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