ORO HOG 9mm handgun
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9mm Rounds

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The ORO HOG 9mm Handgun, also known as the pistol, is the basic, semi-automatic handgun of Turok. It carries 15 rounds in the magazine itself, with 150 rounds in full reserve.

The pistol is able to fire three shots in rapid succession as a secondary function or one shot as the primary, similar to the Pistol and Mag 60 of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. Roland Kane uses this weapon to kill Cowboy.


This pistol appears as a silver-barreled, snub-nosed weapon. It is small, compact, and also has a "light" system, which tells the user how much ammo is currently in the magazine.

It features iron sights that are unable to be used due to the game's aiming mechanics. They are shaped much like a modern day M1911's iron sights, however, they are more subtle in appearance.



This weapon is surprisingly effective. It is able to take down a variety of enemy types, and it is also headshot capable. It fires its rounds as fast as the player can press the trigger, and it also holds a lot of ammo. Its range is short; however, when in close quarters it can easily down the most rudimentary enemies pretty quickly.

It is a headshot capable weapon, though its recoil could easily discourage this use. Against Utahraptors, it is mildly effective and will result in the Utahraptor being stunned. Its damage output is quite low against other dinosaurs, however.


This weapon is an obtainable pickup found in most, if not all, maps. It is insanely ineffective against enemies, as they will usually always possess a weapon that can outclass it. The player's best strategy would be to forgo this weapon in favor of other, more powerful weaponry.

Alternate Fire: Three Round BurstEdit

This function allows the HOG to act like a FAMAS in terms of firing modes. It will fire three rounds in a quick succession with immense power.

This is, however, countered by a high recoil and a sharp increase in bullet spread. It should only be used in very close quarters and as a last resort as it burns through ammo fast and is inaccurate.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • ORO HOG 9mm Handgun: Restores varied amount of ammo.
  • Pistol Ammo: Restores 45 Handgun Bullets.

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