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"Ever used one of these?"
"Once or twice."
—Logan and Joseph Turok, on the FP9

The ORO FP9 SMG, also known simply as the SMG, is a fully automatic carbine produced by ORO and used by Whiskey Company and the Mendel-Gruman Corporation, during the events of Turok.

Before its cancellation, the SMG was planned to return in Turok 2.



The SMG appears as a short barreled, gray-black machine gun which looks surprisingly akin to an MP5 SMG. It, like many other ORO weapons, has a small light on the side of the barrel which indicates how much ammo is left in the magazine.

Turok 2Edit

The SMG would make a return in the cancelled sequel. Its appearance was shown to have not changed much, although it looked a little more rounded along the barrel and stock. It retained its gray-black color, and the ammo light seems to have been eliminated.


The SMG is first seen in "Prelude," but is actually obtained in "The Lost Land." It is very effective at close to medium range since it is fully automatic, and is also very accurate, lacking reticle spread.

The SMG also possesses a suppressor for stealth encounters while still retaining accuracy and the rate of fire. The suppressor is the best way to avoid detection from nearby dinosaurs while still being able to kill MG soldiers without them knowing of the player's presence.

It is capable of taking down most enemies in one hit to their head, and it is a very common weapon to find. Ammo is also plentiful early on, so using all of it up should not be a massive concern to the player. Arguably, the one weakness of the SMG is that it's only effective at close to medium range.

Alternate Fire: SuppressorEdit

This gun features a very useful secondary function: a suppressor. When activated, the player will place a suppressor on the barrel of the SMG and a few changes will take place.

For one, the weapon's appearance will change. The weapon's firing noise will also decrease in terms of overall intensity. Finally, a barely noticeable damage and recoil change will also take effect. This attachment will lower the weapon's damage by a slight fraction; however, it will also lower the player's recoil, making this attachment a recommended option to use at any time.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • SMG: Restores 70 SMG Bullets.
  • SMG Ammo: Restores 30 SMG Bullets.


  • The FP9 may be based off of the modern day MP5 submachine gun.
  • This is the first weapon the player obtains in the Turok campaign.
  • Before its cancellation, the SMG was planned to return in Turok 2.

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