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ORO FG8 Frag Grenade
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—MG Soldiers, upon having a Frag tossed at them

The ORO FG8 Frag Grenade is a grenade in Turok. The weapon is used by both Whiskey Company and the Mendel-Gruman Corporation.

It will explode a few seconds after it is thrown. The explosions will propel enemies into the player's line of fire or, if they are wounded, kill them.


This grenade appears as a conventional, circular, beige and green explosive device. It features a pin as a means of activation.


This weapon acts as any other grenade would. The player can toss one by pressing their respective "throwing" button on the controller, mouse, or keyboard.

It will detonate approximately two seconds after landing, and it will either heavily damage or kill any soft targets within the radius. It will also turn any small dinosaurs into meat fountains if they are caught right in the explosion.

Enemies also possess frag grenades, so hearing an enemy scream "Frag out" is a clear indicator for the player to take cover and keep their head down. This grenade will deal moderate to extreme damage to the player if it strikes a direct hit.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • ORO FG8 Frag Grenade: Restores 1 Grenade.


  • The FG8 may be based on the M67 grenade.[1]

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  • Turok (First appearance)

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