Weapons manufacturer

"Ever used one of these?"
"Once or twice."
—Logan and Joseph Turok, referring to the FP9 SMG

ORO is an organization that produces a variety of weapons. Several organizations use ORO weapons such as Whiskey Company, the Mendel-Gruman Corporation, Wolf Pack, and a Colombian drug cartel.

Due to these various organizations owning ORO weapons, it is quite possible that they sell their property to the public and are not military exclusive.



In Turok, this organization manufactures many weapons that both the player and enemies alike will use. ORO is primarily based around projectile weapons like SMGs and assault rifles, along with the standard frag grenade.

They also have an ORO Red Fist RPG that is based off the modern RPG-7. ORO also manufactured Joseph Turok's ORO C9 Perforator Bow and his ORO P23 Combat Knife. Lastly, they also created an ORO War Horse Chaingun that is used primarily by MG Soldiers later on in the campaign. Their companion company is ESUS.

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  • ORO is likely based on real world Operations Research Office (ORO), a civilian military research center.

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Weapons of Turok
ORO ORO P23 combat knifeORO C9 Perforator compound bowORO HOG 9mm handgunORO FP9 SMGORO Enforcer shotgunORO L66 pulse rifleORO War Horse minigunORO RedFist RPGORO FG8 Frag Grenade
ESUS ESUS Blackfly sticky bomb gunESUS Fireblade flamethrower
TRIGLAV TRIGLAV 92 Stalker sniper rifle
Miscellaneous Weaponry Smoke GrenadeC-4MG S.A.M.ToxinMounted RPG
Cut Weaponry TaserTriple-barreled ShotgunUnidentified assault rifle