For the Nuke attachment available in Turok: Evolution, see Rocket Launcher.

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Flesh Portals


The Nuke is a weapon that appears in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Unlike what its name implies, the weapon is not an atomic bomb. It is instead a stand-alone weapon that charges up fission then releases a powerful beam, causing the explosion.

Much like the Chronoscepter, the Nuke's pieces must be located and assembled in order to be used.


The Nuke is as a large, futuristic weapon. It appears to be made of a strange black/purple colored metal and has six arch-like bolts that constantly rotate. These bolts generate a blue light that darts back and forth, possibly being electromagnetic pulses that keep the nuclear fission from detonating early.


The Nuke is the most powerful weapon in Seeds of Evil, and as such, the weapon can be obtained only near the end of the game. The weapon is divided into six pieces, with one piece in each level, much like the Chronoscepter.

Unlike the Chronoscepter, however, the pieces are not hidden in out of the way areas of the levels themselves. They are hidden within the Flesh Portals or Fake Talisman Chambers. Inside these portals, the player is warped to dark, ominous facilities where they must fight the Flesh Eaters in order to exit the portal. Once all Flesh Eaters have been defeated, a door will open revealing a corridor. Inside, the player will find a nondescript piece of the Nuke and a portal leading back to the main level.

Once all pieces have been obtained, the weapon can be used.


Since the weapon is obtained so late in the game, the player will not need this weapon until they fight the Primagen. There, it can prove quite useful as it is most effective against Primagen's mini-biobots that he will send out on occasion.

The weapon must be charged before it is be ready to fire. The Nuke's bolts will begin to tighten, rotate faster, and emit a whirring sound. The player will know when to release the charge once the sound reaches its highest frequency. Once fired, the weapon shoots a light blue beam of nuclear fission which begins to flash and condense before finally exploding in a light blue shockwave.

Any enemy within its blast radius will be stopped in their tracks, and their bodies will begin fading to black, engulfed in flames. Shortly after, the flames will stop, and the victims' bodies will explode.

It is most effective against the Primagen's bots, as this will immediately stop them and save the player some ammo for use against the Primagen himself. It is recommended that the player equips this weapon before the bots begin to attack or are deployed so the weapon will be fully charged before the bots attack.

This weapon does not harm bosses, with the sole exception of The Blind One.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon Part: Grants one piece of the Nuke weapon.
  • Weapon (Assembled): Grants two Nukes.
  • Nukes: Grants two Nukes.


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