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The Night Vision Goggles are a piece of equipment in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. In the game, they are obtained early in the level "Seal the Breach" during the chapter "Rooftop Journey" when playing as Joseph Fireseed.


This piece of equipment's only physical appearance is when the player first picks it up; otherwise only the effect is visible.

However, the Night Vision Goggles are visible during the cutscenes where Joseph is shown. Its pickup resembles a pair of binoculars with a blue coloration. Its appearance in the weapon window is the same. However, in the cutscenes, the goggles appear more like actual night vision goggles.


The Goggles operate by tinting the screen with a glowing blue overlay, which outlines and lights up the world around the player when it is dark. They have no offensive capabilities. These goggles are useful in low lit areas, like small crevices and tunnels.


  • The Night Vision Goggles are exclusive to Shadows of Oblivion and are not present anywhere else in the franchise.

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