Mounted Turret

Evolution MountedTurret2

Torrent 515

Production overview




Mounted, automatic, rapid fire machine turret.

Ammunition type:

High Caliber Rounds

Feed system:


Rate of fire:


Effective range:

Short-Long Range

Service history

In service:

In use



The Mounted Turret is a weapon emplacement encountered in Turok: Evolution.


In game, this weapon makes its first appearance in the mission "Summit Battle," where it is seen at the summit of the mountain the player is fighting up towards.

The variant initially used by Sleg forces is a brown-colored, long-barreled, anti-vehicle weapon meant for mass destruction. It has a bulky base for storing the ammunition while also providing a sturdy base for the massive recoil that would be incurred otherwise.

The second variant, seen only a mission later in "Descent," is a much more futuristic and brutal weapon. Silver plated, and featuring four barrels instead of one, this weapon is heavily armed. On each barrel is a large cylindrical container meant for storing and feeding the ammunition into the weapon's barrels, and there appears to be some sort of control panel on the face of the weapon.


These weapons are rare to find, but when found they usually signal either a hold out objective or a large airship assault. When used, they have little to no spread or recoil, making their use easy; ironically so, given their immense power and rate of fire.

Mounted Turrets are fully automatic and have no cool down or spin up time, meaning that simply holding down the fire button can suffice until all the enemies drop or the player dies. These weapons deal a great amount of damage, and most enemies will die after only a second or two of concentrated firepower, giving them an edge over other weapons.

The Turrets have no significant setbacks; however, they cannot rotate past a certain point, meaning they are only useful against enemies within their limited firing range.

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