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Mendel-Gruman Corporation


The Mounted RPG is a Mendel-Gruman Corporation stationary RPG turret featured during Turok. It fires at a faster rate than the ORO Red Fist RPG but lacks the heat-seeking lock-on.

It functions in the same way as the ORO War Horse Chaingun's secondary turret function.


This weapon appears as a small mounted variant of the ORO Red Fist RPG. It is grey, has a smaller barrel, and is also smaller in overall size. There are controls on the face of the turret that seem to control it.


This weapon is a very useful weapon in Turok. It is found on a few maps only, but it is also usually in Mendel-Gruman control. The rocket it fires is very fast moving, and it detonates after a shorter time with even more explosive force. This can result in many deaths if the player is not careful. MG soldiers, however, will continuously fire, even failing to heed their own safety just to try to kill the player.

The splash damage on this weapon is immense and will easily destroy swaths of enemies if they clump themselves together. This weapon is also used to take down Roland Kane's ship, using only three shots to do so. This weapon appears in a few of the game's Co-Op missions: twice in "Shadowed Paths" and once in "Breaking the Sword." They are all MG-controlled, but they can be turned against their former users.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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