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"Enemy troops are swarming through the hills. You must move upwards, and slay any Sleg forces you encounter."
Turok: Evolution

Mountain Ascent is the first level of Chapter 3 of Turok: Evolution. This level has Tal'Set beginning a journey across a mountain range in the Lost Land in order to rescue the Wise Father, who is being held within the Sleg Fortress.


This mission starts the player in a relatively peaceful area near the base of a large mountain chain, with a massive, vertically steep rock face in front of them. After taking in their surroundings, the player can gain an early advantage by exploring the surrounding shrubbery, as within it is a Sniper Scope upgrade for the Pistol.

This level does not contain much of a challenge early on for the player, as currently there are only Compsognathus, and two Sleg Scouts around, both of which are easily dispatched, be it by Tek Bow or Pistol fire. The only true task of this area is to find two buttons, which, when activated, will activate a large mouth-shaped door.

Upon unlocking it, the player will step into the massive, rocky region and will immediately be surrounded by tall, cliff-like rocks. It is here that the player can find a second Sniper Scope if they did not find it previously, alongside a Pistol. When moving forward, the player will be greeted by dual Sleg Snipers, who will require precise aim in order to be taken out of commission.

As the player continues advancing, they will find Medkits, Explosive Arrows, and Pistol Bullets for their weapons and health hidden under a rocky overhang. Gazelles will wander around the canyon walls, which become much more narrow, while more Scouts and even a Grenadier will be thrown at the player. Around this time, the sounds of gunfire and a Stegosaurus can be heard.

After dealing with the Sleg, the player will be treated to an in-game display, where the Stegosaurus in question will smack three Sleg Scouts with its massive tail before succumbing to its wounds and falling over onto a Grenade. This will reveal a Sniper on a far cliff, while two new Sleg, a Scout and a Grenadier, will move to intercept the player on the ground level. In this case, the player's priorities should be set on the Sniper, who can whittle health away swiftly with his weapon in a quick manner, before concentrating on the foot soldiers. At this point, the player can find Grenades nearby a piece of cover near the Stegosaurus.

Once the player has prevailed over them and moved on, another Sniper will appear alongside a Scout, who will both be perched on a certain cliff, albeit at different distances and locations. They are easily dealt with. Moving forward after their deaths will spawn in three more Scouts, who should be dealt with in a more efficient manner, as their grenades and melee attacks will chop the player's health down quickly.

A new squad of Sleg will spawn, including a Sleg Soldier, who will waste no time in ripping the player's health down with their Shotgun, while also standing close to a few Scouts. At this time, a Sleg Dropship will fly overhead and set down, dropping off three Scouts and another Soldier before flying away. Throwing Grenades into their midst can easily end their threat to the player while also conserving Arrows and Pistol Bullets.

Ascending further will result in the gruesome sight of a deceased Brachiosaurus who is being feasted upon by a pack of Compsognathus. More Sleg will pour down the mountain slopes, alongside a Sniper. The player should once again waste the Sniper before moving on to their new targets. At this time, Grenades can be really useful to the player; however, they must be sure to not throw them off a cliff, as it will waste a valuable resource. Precisely aimed throws must be utilized to full effect.

The top of the mountain will feature multiple Sleg; however, they will be confined to two variants: Scout and Soldier. The best strategy would be to bottleneck them in a narrow entrance, or behind cover, before chucking a Grenade at them, resulting in gruesome multi-kills. Once they are eliminated, the player can move on through a narrow exit to finish the level.

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  • In the PC, GameCube, and Xbox versions of the game, near the beginning of the level, audio will play and give off the cue for the Tyrannosaurus rex, which will echo over the large rock face, possibly for foreshadowing purposes.
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