For the level featured in Turok, see Mother Superior.
Mother Superior
Mother Superior Base
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Terraformed planet


Tropical jungles

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Large, destroyed base, and a deep jungle. T. rex nest nearby said base.

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"Hey, check this out! It's an old outpost."
Foster, upon seeing Mother Superior's base

Mother Superior is a location present in Turok. It, like Death Valley, is featured in its namesake mission and is featured once again in the co-op level "Shadowed Paths."


Mother Superior is a surprisingly lush jungle area filled with plant life, both in the form of large, imposing trees, and thick, ground-covering bushes. The area is relatively hilly and forested, with many grooves and inclines where the player, enemies, and fauna alike can hide, resulting in a rather sinister landscape as anything can hide basically anywhere.

However, Mother Superior is not just a forested area, as it has been inhabited and built upon by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation, resulting in a base and the re-inhabitation of a destroyed outpost in the forest. The outposts are linked closely in terms of distance, with one maintaining minor things like ammo, while the main base contains both weapons, vehicles, and even additional foot soldiers.

Finally, most of the plant life also hold safe havens for multiple dinosaur species, such as Utahraptors, Parasaurolophus, and the dreaded Tyrannosaurus rex, which holds a nest in a massive ditch surrounded by trees.

Native SpeciesEdit

Tyrannosaurus rexEdit

Main article: Mama Scarface
Main article: Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex is present in and around Mother Superior. Mama Scarface is seen hanging around in the surrounding forests, either hunting or just searching for food for her young ones. The Juveniles are seen later on, in the nest of Scarface near Mother Superior. They are found in a group and are situated in a large depression in the ground.


Main article: Utahraptor

Utahraptors are seen in the deep forests, usually hiding in and around trees and their bases. Mother Superior seems to hold a higher amount of the Spitter variants, as they are seen quite commonly alongside the regular Utahraptors.


Main article: Parasaurolophus

Parasaurolophus are only seen in the lower residing areas of Mother Superior, where there are many species of shrubbery and grasses to eat. They are seen sparingly and are usually killed by Spitters or MG units who see them.


Main article: Dilophosaurus

Only seen during night, these predators reside near the nest and abandoned MG base. Much like in other areas, they are encountered in pairs and are very deadly.

Notable AreasEdit

MG BasesEdit

The Mendel-Gruman bases are a few of the notable areas in Mother Superior. The first is encountered in the appropriately named "Mother Superior" mission, where Foster, Gonzales, and Joseph Turok all head towards it. It is essentially destroyed, with only two small sniper towers that remain standing, while the rest of the base, including the walls and ceiling, are destroyed and crushed.

Abandoned MG BaseEdit

This base is only seen once, and it is the first MG base to be found that was built underground; the second, and final, base is encountered in "Salt in the Wound." It is completely destroyed and abandoned, barring the legions of Albino Utahraptors taking refuge inside it. There are caches of ammo stashed around the base's interior, and there is a mounted ORO War Horse Chaingun near a corner, meant for defense.

Dinosaur GraveyardEdit

This is seen briefly in the second Co-Op mission, right after the player unlocks the gate inside the main compound. It is riddled and filled with dinosaur skeletons, ranging from Utahraptors and Dilophosaurus to the mighty Tyrannosaurus.

T. rex NestEdit

The T. rex nest is an area only ventured into once, and with good reason, as it is filled with Mama Scarface's offspring. It consists of a large depression in the ground, which is filled with the remains of dead trees, water pools, and a bunch of carcasses from the Juveniles' need for food.

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