Ghost in the Shadow


Killing Fields

Mother Superior
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Joseph Turok




Mother Superior, Abandoned Base (night), and a T. rex nest.


Find the comm unit.

"C'mon, why are we wasting our time? Comm's probably broken anyway."
"You got a better idea on how to get us out of this jungle?"
"Logan's definitely not right in the head, bro."
—Foster and Gonzales

Mother Superior is the sixth level in Turok. It focuses mainly on Mama Scarface, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.


Objective: Search the area for the communications unit.

The player will begin their trek, with Gonzales and Foster by their side. Gonzales expresses his dismay at Logan's mental condition. Foster then encourages Turok to go forward, while the three move around the forest area. There is not much here, past some ORO FG8 Frag Grenades and ammo for the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle and ORO Enforcer Shotgun, respectively.

Around this area will be multiple Mini-Raptors and Echindons, none of which will be openly hostile; however, as the player moves forward, there will be an automatically scripted Quick Time Event, in which a Mini-Raptor will latch onto Turok and attempt to kill him. Dealing with it is not a problem, and once it is over, the player should move upwards, where Foster tells the player to hurry up. As the player reaches the top of the incline, Foster will exclaim his curiosity at the old outpost nearby before a sniper round ends his life, much to Gonzales' anger.

The player will then be tasked with culling the MG forces around the base. Dual MG Snipers will be planted on both of the base's rather ruined sniper spires and can be taken out with ease via the ORO C9 Perforator Bow.

Objective: Continue search for communications unit.

Upon finding the communications unit, Gonzales will move ahead to pick it up, only to be devoured by Mama Scarface. The comm unit dangles from her mouth, forcing Turok to pursue her.

Objective: Retrieve the comm. unit.

As rain sets in, the player will be slowly trailing behind Scarface as they head into a large depression, or circular arena, surrounded by tall cliffs, with the ground being littered with corpses. The player will then be charged by a Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex, which can easily be disposed of. From here, the player can then bolt towards the middle log and take precise pot-shots, or they can use the ORO P23 Combat Knife to kill the other Juveniles that rush out from the bushes to attack them.

The only downside to this is that the T. rexes have numbers in spades, meaning that getting ganged up on, knocked down, and then killed is a very likely possibility if the player chooses to pursue the run and gun route.

Use of the L66 Pulse Rifle is highly recommended, as the high precision, high rate of fire, and damage per round can easily shred the Tyrannosaurs, with the only true downside being its tendency to overheat, which can be negated by firing short bursts at a singular enemy. Barring that, the Disruption Grenades can also easily launch these dinosaurs off of their feet, giving the player time to either gun them down or run away. It is also likely and possible for the Juveniles to be killed from the damage sustained in the fall.

A good combo during this encounter would be to use a flare to distract one of the Juveniles before launching a salvo of three Disruption Grenades, which will essentially steamroll a group of T. rexes if used properly.

Once the main group of T. rexes is dealt with, the player will only have to contend with 2-3 more over the hill, as a few hide over it until the player moves towards them. From here, the same tactics can be used; flare, then Pulse Rifle.

The player will soon need to walk through a narrow crevice before dropping down into a rather wide area, which contains ammo for the Enforcer and some FG8 Frag Grenades.

Objective: Kill the T-Rex.

As the cutscene ends, the player is placed in front of Mama Scarface. As the player is in an open area, the best strategy would be for them to fire a flare at Scarface's feet and then bolt towards the tree in the middle of the arena. This can be used as cover for the entire battle, if the player chooses, or they can make a run to the side crevices, which contain ammo for the Pulse Rifle and Enforcer and other things, like Tek Arrows.

These crevices, however, are hardly worth the risk, as they contain little that the player does not already have, with the only exception being Tek Arrows. Not to mention, the crevices are host to an infinite spawn of Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rexes.

From there, the player should simply hide underneath the dead tree's base and use the Pulse Rifle whenever Scarface is at a further range before unloading into her face with the Enforcer each time she sticks her face under the tree to grab the player. There is not much to this fight beyond not getting caught in the open, as the Tyrannosaurus can outpace the player easily. Once the rex goes down, the player will be able to run up to her and stab her in the eye, starting a cutscene.

Turok runs up to the beast and jumps on the side of her skull before slamming his knife into her eye and carving downwards, which causes the latter to snarl and stand up. As she roars in fury, she slams her head into the side of a cliff and dislodges Turok, sending him flying up and over the cliff and slamming his head onto the ground as he lands, knocking him unconscious.

Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

As the player wakes up, they will be confronted by a few Echindon, as nightfall becomes prevalent. Once the player regains control, they should begin regaining their weaponry, which is scattered around the jungle. Once the player reaches a certain milestone in the area, two Dilophosaurus will spawn and stalk around the lower areas of the map. Depending on the player's position on the map, they will either attack concurrently, or one will rush, then the other will come shortly after.

An easy way to attempt to take them both down is to use grenades to knock them over, although this tactic takes a certain timing to get down, as the player needs to account for detonation time and the blast radius.

Another more reliable tactic is to get to higher ground and pepper the Dilophosaurus with L66 rounds, while using the flare of the Enforcer to lure it away. This will give the player more time to fire at, and subsequently kill, the Dilophosaurus without risking close quarters combat. It is also very possible to skip the fight with the duo by using the P23 Combat Knife and hugging the right side of the area immediately upon spawn, as it leads the player to a fallen tree which can be traveled across to get to the base.


Big Game RibbonEdit

This achievement or trophy is simple to obtain. All the player needs to do is defeat Mama Scarface during the boss fight.

Sell Your ShotgunsEdit

This involves the player not using the ORO Enforcer Shotgun at all during the level. A simple method to obtain it would be to simply drop it in lieu of the SMG a few feet ahead of the level's spawn.


  • If the player is able to clear the area infested with Lurkers very quickly, they will be confronted by countless numbers of Dilophosaurs. They will spawn over and over again, one at a time.
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