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"This soldier, who inhabits the Military Research Facility, shoots first and asks questions later! He is equipped with a gaggle of weapons and armor. Watch out, especially for his grenades and Assault Rifle blasts. Keep moving and keep firing and he should fall soon."
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

Military Guards are enemies encountered in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.


These people resemble modern day military forces, with white armor covering their bodies, a distinctive headpiece, and camo pants which cover their legs entirely. They keep their faces uncovered, showing their undeniably human faces, while their hands and feet are covered by black boots and gloves.


Military Guards are found at strategic points and in tight corridors, and unlike the Forsaken Warriors the Guards will use their barricades for cover. They are equipped with assault rifles, Mag 60s, and grenades. The Military Guards are deadly when in corridors as cover can be scarce. Some Military Guards will stay in cover and use suppressing fire; this helps their teammates push towards the player's position. The player should also be mindful of the Guard's grenades, as an unaware player can easily miss that one has been thrown.

The best way to dispatch the Military Guards is to use the Shotgun. If playing as Danielle Fireseed, the Mag 60 also works well. Joseph Fireseed is able to take them out from long range with his Silenced Pistol and Sniper Rifle. Both can use the Grenade Launcher to flush out Military Guards hiding behind cover.

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