Mendel-Gruman Type 07 Starship


Mendel-Gruman Corporation

Vehicle type:

Troop Transport and Assault Platform

Ammo/Weapon type:



Mendel-Gruman Corporation


The Mendel-Gruman Type 07 Starship is one of the Mendel-Gruman Corporation's primary vehicles, generally used for airborne flight. This ship also possesses the ability to travel through space.


It is equipped with a large booster engine on the back and two small, aerodynamic wings jutting from the sides.

It is completely enclosed when the hatch is locked, allowing for interstellar travel. The vehicle itself is large and has a primarily white paint job.


This type of vehicle is seen only three times in game: once during the battle with the Soldier Bugs, once at the substation, and once in the Mama Scarface arena. It's also featured as a mini-boss battle during "An Eye for an Eye," when Roland Kane pilots one in an attempt to kill Joseph Turok.


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  • Turok (First appearance)

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