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Medical Kit




Heals the player


A Medkit is an item encountered in Turok: Evolution. They come in two variants: a "Small Medkit" and a "Large Medkit."


These Medkits take the appearance of either a small, thermos-shaped container or a large, box-shaped container.

The Small Medkit is green-ish yellow in coloration, with small red rectangles going up the side of the container's design. It is shaped much like a thermos and is, as the name implies, small in size, being about as large as a can of cola.

The Large Medkit is obviously bigger, being about the size of the Pistol, and is golden in color, with a large medical emblem emblazoned on the front of it.


These items are meant for healing the player, as the name heavily implies. They are relatively common in-game and can be found anywhere, from out in the open to stashed in hard to see bushes.

The Small Medkit heals 20 points of health for the player, while the Large Medkit heals 50 points, making them coveted in the later levels of the game, where enemies rip through the player's health like paper.

Sleg enemies can drop these items when killed, although the points at which they drop them are randomized.

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