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"Mites are not Mantids per se, but insect symbiotes that are allowed to live within the hive because they sweep the colony clean of parasitic organisms, rodents, and other undesirable, unsanitary creatures."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

Mantid Mites are small, nimble creatures featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and Turok: Rage Wars.


Mites vaguely resemble real life mites, but unlike their real world counterparts, they seem more insect-like rather than arachnid-like. These Mites sport six legs as opposed to eight, possess sharp spines instead of smooth bodies, and have what appear to be compound eyes (most real world mites are blind).

The Mites encountered vary in size. This may suggest their stage in development in those eggs, a sort of rank, or gender (if associated with real world mites, in which females are often twice the size of males).


Mantid Mites are fairly straightforward enemies that are quite fast and agile. The player can avoid their attacks by circle strafing and using either the Talon or War Blade. These enemies almost always travel in groups of three or more.

They hatch from eggs littered all around the Hive of the Mantids, but only the largest eggs spawn mites when destroyed. There are approximately five different sizes of eggs. They can also be deployed from special nests above ground from which they can drop to attack direct threats to the Hive.

During the Mantid Queen's boss battle, huge Mites will attack the player periodically.

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