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"Drones compose the bulk of the Mantid population. Drones are four-armed warriors armed with heavy blasters and an aggressive nature. They serve as search-and-destroy units, venturing far from the hive in times of need in order to locate food supplies."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

Mantid Drones are the standard soldier type of the Mantid race encountered within "Hive of the Mantids" in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.


Mantid Drones are insectoid beings that greatly resemble mantises and ants.

Being related to some insects, they have a pair of compound eyes made up of hundreds of small, blue lenses, and their mouth parts sport mandibles. What seems to be their arms have been modified to use laser blasters. They also have another pair of arms which they possibly use for grasping objects and slashing enemies.

Mantid Drones are bipedal creatures and do not seem to use their forelegs for locomotion. They also wear a type of upper body armor. Drones feature various epidermis coloration; they seem to come in green, brown, and blueish varieties.


Drones are specialized in various forms of combat. They use their laser blasters when an enemy is within range. When a Mantid Drone engages its enemies in close combat it uses its forelegs to batter its rival.

Mantid Drones also use their jetpacks to acquire targets from the air, blasting them with lasers from above.

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Mantids are an alien race that arrived in the Lost Land from another galaxy. After their arrival, they colonized a certain area of the Lost Land and constructed a hive. Centuries of reproduction among the Mantids have produced a vast fighting force, of which the Drones comprise a great majority. The Drones act as the Hive's main method of food acquisition in addition to seeking out and eliminating threats to their Mantid Queen's well-being.


Mantid Drones, along with the rest of the Mantids, are territorial beings. They will not tolerate any intruder to get near to the Hive or, most importantly, their Queen.

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  • Turok: Way of the Warrior (First appearance)

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