Mama Scarface
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Terraformed planet

Average height:

30 feet (9.1 meters)

Average length:

99 feet (30.1 meters)

Average weight:

21 tonnes


Large, two fingers

Notable groups:



Mama Scarface, also spelled Momma Scarface in the game's files, was a gigantic female Tyrannosaurus rex that attacked both Whiskey Company and Mendel-Gruman troops during the events of Turok. She was the main creature antagonist of the game and had a giant, bleeding scar over her right eye, resulting in a loss of sight. How she received her scar is unknown.

This T. rex had grown to immense size — be it due to age, some kind of genetic experimental mutation, other biotic factors, or possibly all of the above — originally placing her as the largest terrestrial carnivore on the planet before her death. She was up to 99 feet (30 meters) long, 30 feet (9.1 meters) tall at the hips, and almost 21 tonnes (21,000 kg), surpassing the Giganotosaurus in terms of size.


2007 buildEdit

In many prerelease screenshots, there are depictions of Mama Scarface prior to a major, and obvious, redesign. In this pre-release stage, the T. rex was way larger and had a much more angular, and sharp appearance, especially around the skull and jaw, which were not nearly as rounded as they are in the current release.

Mama Scarface in this stage of development also possessed black eyes with yellow irises and was shown to be very strong and durable, with her hunting a Dilophosaurus despite having massive holes blown out of her side and neck. Unlike the final release, Scarface could actually stand with her head higher than her tail, giving her even more height against adversaries.

Overall, she was much more lean, angular, and larger in appearance, especially around the facial region, where her teeth were much more large and jagged and her eye crests were very edgy compared to the much more rounded appearance she bears now.

2008 buildEdit

Mama Scarface in the final build still appeared as a massive Tyrannosaurus rex. As such, she had a massive skull; short, two fingered arms; and a massive and bulky body. The dinosaur was brown in coloration with a beige color on the lower areas, including the stomach, the bottom of the tail, and the bottom jaw. Changes to her design involved a much more rounded form, with her size being shrunk down slightly, compared to the pre-release version of the game.

This dinosaur had a large mangled scar over the right side of her face that obstructed most of her eye and went into the fenestrae. It is unknown what caused this scar; however, it was probably a recent injury as it was shown to be bleeding when Joseph Turok encountered her in the "The Lost Land."


In gameplay, Scarface can be seen on a few occasions under a few differing circumstances: during scripted in-game animations or as a boss battle. 

For the former, she is invulnerable; however, she will usually move on a scripted path, which is intended to kill or remove high amounts of opposition. During these times, she will not pay attention to the player or friendly NPCs, though the former will undoubtedly shoot at her on instinct.

For the boss battles, she will be encountered in arena style areas, where the player will be required to down her and knife her to continue the main quest. She has massive amounts of health and will require the player's full arsenal to take her down; however, scattered around both boss battles will be safe havens, or areas meant to at least slow the T. rex down.



Mama Scarface can be heard throughout the level "The Lost Land"—her footsteps can be heard echoing through the jungle, sometimes followed by an occasional loud roar. Towards the end of the chapter, where Turok and Slade are confronted with a dozen or so MG soldiers, Mama Scarface emerges from the treeline, roaring loudly before attacking the soldiers. She ends up devouring one who accidentally runs into her path before crushing the others underfoot as they try to shoot her, and finally eating the last as he tries to flee from the scene. Apparently satisfied, with no desire to attack Turok or Slade, Mama Scarface walks off into the distance.

She appears again in the level "Mother Superior" where her loud footsteps echo through the forest, causing rocks to crumble and smaller dinosaurs to flee. Once Joseph and Gonzales eliminate all the MG soldiers in the proximity and find the communications unit, Mama Scarface appears out of the forest, snatching up Gonzalez and returning to her nest. Turok follows and confronts several of her juveniles.

Once he reaches the center of Mama Scarface's nest, he is confronted by Scarface herself. Turok takes shelter in a dead tree, firing at Mama Scarface as she attempts to grab and devour him. Eventually, Turok weakens the dinosaur enough that Mama Scarface collapses, allowing Turok to climb onto her face and stab her eye. However, Mama Scarface recovers and throws Turok off beyond the nest, not making any effort to eat him.

Mama Scarface appears again in the level "End of the Road," where she emerges from behind several large rocks and begins slaughtering the MG soldiers guarding the gate, buying Turok and the remainder of Whiskey Company enough time to fight the other MG soldiers. After killing several soldiers, Scarface leaves, allowing Turok and the rest of Whiskey Company to enter the MG base.

Mama Scarface makes one last appearance in the level "An Eye for an Eye" and serves as the game's final boss. Right after Turok kills Roland Kane, Mama Scarface appears, and Turok is tasked with killing her once and for all.


During this fight, he weakens her enough so that, like his previous encounter, she falls to the ground. This time, though, instead of just stabbing her eye, he primes and shoves a grenade into it. Mama Scarface shakes Turok off, dazed, and her upper jaw explodes, killing her, as she collapses into a heap on the ground.


  • Mama Scarface was originally meant to be encountered in "Death Valley" instead of the Giganotosaurus. This can be shown with the "Death Valley" load screen as it shows Mama Scarface and not the Giganotosaurus.
  • Occasionally in "End of the Road," Scarface will not go back behind the rocks but will continue to stay near the gate of the MG Facility. This can occur if the player or an MG soldier with the shotgun shoots the flare directly at Scarface the instant before Cowboy says "Looks like she's leaving," or if Scarface is still eating a soldier when Cowboy says that.
  • The Desert T. rex of Turok 2 had a scar on its right eye, similar to Scarface.
  • Scarface is larger than any other dinosaur encountered in the game, reaching 99 feet in length.
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Turok, Mama Scarface's head is shaped slightly differently than in the PS3 and PC versions.
  • Mama Scarface's undamaged eye has a different color scheme in the Xbox 360 version of Turok than in the PS3 and PC versions.

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