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One of two named raptors in Turok: Evolution


Malk is a Utahraptor that is featured in Turok: Evolution's multiplayer.


This character appears much like other Utahraptors. He is grey skinned, with the same body size and shape. There are large masses of white on his body, unlike his grey-orange counterpart, and he possesses the same claws and teeth of the average Utahraptor.


In gameplay, Malk acts the same as the raptors in the main game, possessing both biting and clawing attacks.

These attacks do moderate damage and can tear down players if the raptor is utilized stealthily. Unlike most characters, Malk cannot pick up any weaponry, and as such, it is better used in stealth attacks, such as hiding in the bushes or hiding behind obstacles, where the enemy cannot see the player. Other than this, the character's health remains the same, along with jump height and movement speed.

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