MG Spider Tank


Mendel-Gruman Corporation

Vehicle type:

Assault tank/mobile artillery unit

Ammo/Weapon type:

Large artillery shells


Mendel-Gruman Corporation


The Mendel-Gruman Spider Tank is an armed ground vehicle that appears in Turok. Its chassis resembles a six-legged spider.


In Turok, this vehicle appears as a massive, six-legged, grey-armored, mobile artillery piece. Atop of the chassis is a large turret that is similar to a modern Main Battle Tank. The Spider Tank also possesses a cluster of floodlights on the front end of its chassis and its turret. 

It is first seen in the level "Bad Blood" while Joseph Turok and Slade head up the elevator. There is a row of Spider Tanks in the Mendel-Gruman base. It is next seen during the events of "Killing Fields," where it acts as the boss battle of the level.


Later in the game, the Spider Tank becomes a boss that must be defeated at Whiskey Company's base camp. After Turok helps Slade defend the perimeter, the Spider Tank will arrive on Turok's journey back to the main camp.

This vehicle remains mostly stationary; it will sit atop a cliff and rain artillery shots upon the Whiskey Company base while Turok runs over to try to find a weapon to destroy it.

The cannon is powerful and will easily kill Turok if the player is caught within the line of fire. It also has a reloading time that can be exploited. The ORO Red Fist RPG is the only weapon able to penetrate and destroy this vehicle's thick armor.

Once destroyed, a small cutscene will play showcasing its destruction and the aftermath of its attack.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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