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The MG Radification Units are soldiers who are employed by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation and are stationed on the terraformed planet. Radification Units are soldiers who operate in large, powerful mech suits.


The Radification Unit looks much like a giant mech. It has the color palette of the "Hunter," being orange and black with other secondary colors. The suit is bulky, with massive metal plates, and it possesses a massive rifle for the user's use.

The chest is massive and bulky with many layers of armor and protection to offer the current user. The armor is decorated with multiple symbols including the user's rank, implying that the user assigned to the Radification Unit stayed with that certain unit, and a red star is emblazoned on the center chest piece. The helmet is small and flat, most likely to protect the user even more.

The Radification Unit's arms are massive, each possessing tons of machinery and armor, most likely meant for lift loading and defense against larger, more hostile animals on the planet. The shoulder pauldrons cover the upper arm, along with a portion of the chest, leading to a rather smooth-looking appearance.

The suit's hands possess three fingers, oddly, instead of the usual, and likely more effective, five; however, it is likely that the hands were designed specifically to wield the mech's rifle.

The lower body and legs are very large, since they are meant for holding the massive machine up. The legs feature orange plated armor, and the lower torso has black armor with little plating. The knee pads are a deep, matte black, and the suit also features three individual toes, instead of the traditional, single toed foot.

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