MG Pyro
Biographical information



Armor Color:

Orange and Bronze

Visor Color:

Bronze-ish Silver

Game Info


Mendel-Gruman Corporation

Weapon of Choice:

ESUS Hellfire Flamethrower


Susceptible to Tek Arrows and the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle


The MG Pyro is a variant of the MG Soldier that specializes in the use of the ESUS Hellfire Flamethrower, featured in Turok. Just like the MG Heavy Weapons, they are heavily armoured and can withstand more damage than the standard soldier.


The armor of the MG Pyro is much like that of the Heavy Weapons MG soldier. It is large and clunky in comparison to the normal MG soldiers. It is a bronze color mixed with brown, and it offers much more protection than the standard armor.

The head area is much more protected, and there are many tubes running down the spinal section of the armor that probably feeds the soldier's flamethrower its fuel. Unlike other MG units, the visor color of this troop type always remains a solid bronze color, no matter the condition.


These enemies are bolder than most of the other human enemies in the game. They will usually rush the player with their flamethrower in hand, ready to burn them to a crisp. They will always try to fight in a close quarters area, so using the ORO C9 Perforator Bow to take them out with a headshot would be a sound strategy.

They are surprisingly fast for their size and can easily keep pace with Turok; however, they can be slowed down with the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle's Disruption Grenade or the normal ORO FG8 Frag Grenade issued to Turok. On a final note, weapons like the ORO HOG 9mm Handgun and the ORO FP9 SMG are very ineffective against the Pyro, giving the player all the more reason to utilize the previously mentioned weapons against them.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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