MG Jeep


Mendel-Gruman Corporation

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Troop Transport and Assault Platform

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Mendel-Gruman Corporation


The Mendel-Gruman Jeep is a cut vehicle that was set to appear in Turok as part of the Mendel-Gruman Corporation. Alongside the Kovas Mud Jumper, it was one of two vehicles cut from the 2008 reboot.


This vehicle was much like the Mud Jumper that the Mendel-Gruman Corporation used. However, this vehicle was white in coloration, it was larger, and it was also armed. The larger size allowed up to three people to ride in it at once.

The vehicle could also have a chaingun attached to its back, with an open area meant for its mounting and usage. One distinct feature of the vehicle is its abnormally large wheels, most likely designed for navigating through the jungle terrain.


This vehicle would have been utilized twice, had it not been cut. The first was a chase sequence with Mama Scarface, and the latter was another chase segment, this time involving Soldier Bugs at nightfall.

With this, it can be noted that the vehicle was both fast and armed, being able to outrun Scarface, while also possessing a chaingun mounted on the back of the chassis.

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