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The MG Hunter is a variant of the MG Soldiers hired by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation that was set to appear in Turok 2.


These MG units are much larger than the others. They feature large, bulky armor which fits over their bodies. The shoulders and chest are exceptionally shielded and covered. Their helmet is much like the other MG units of Turok 2, as it featured a bulbous, glossy black visor which covered most of the helmet.

The leg and torso armor is smooth yet thick, as to both protect the user and offer mobility and durability. The wrist gauntlets are large and were very thick, covered with a few layers of armor, most likely to defend against Utahraptor mauls and attacks that would incapacitate or kill other MG units.

On a final note, this MG had a backpack. Its exact function is not known; however, it is possible that it was used for storing ammo for the Hunter's rifle, which bears a resemblance to a modern assault rifle and was most likely one of the concepts for the unidentified assault rifle in Turok 2.

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