MG Helicopter





Mendel-Gruman Corporation

Vehicle type:

Assault Helicopter/Troop Transport

Ammo/Weapon type:

High Caliber Rounds


Mendel-Gruman Corporation


The Mendel-Gruman Helicopter is a designation that refers to both the troop transport helicopters and assault helicopters used by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation.

They come in two variants: a black, open-canopy troop transport copter and a closed-canopy armed assault gunship.


MG Helicopter (Transport)Edit

This is the first variant of the MG Helicopter, and it is the most prevalent in Turok. It is black and has an open canopy to release the troops it contains. It is unarmed and is meant for transporting MG Soldiers from one area to another instead of direct assaults.

It is seen in many levels, including "Mother Superior" and "Heroes End" where it is surprisingly prevalent. They are harmless and can be easily destroyed with one rocket.

MG Helicopter (Gunship)Edit

This helicopter is not as common as its other, harmless relative. It is armed with a chaingun, and it can also deploy explosives to harm the player. They are unable to transport any soldiers, and like their other variant, they are easily destroyed by a rocket from the ORO Red Fist RPG.


The transport chopper will usually duck in and out of the battlefield while dropping off their payload. They are not armed and will not harm the player. They can be easily destroyed with one RPG shot.

The assault chopper, however, is different and dangerous. They do not drop off troops but are instead armed with a minigun that will easily tear the player to shreds if they are not careful. It should be easy to destroy them with the RPG's lock on feature if conventional aiming is proving to be difficult due to enemy fire.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)