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The MG Enforcer is a variant of the MG Soldiers hired by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation. They were going to be featured in Turok 2 before its cancellation.


This soldier appeared to be the mainline soldier of the Mendel-Gruman Corporation for Turok 2. The unit was semi-armored, with camouflage pants on their legs and arms, under their combat armor.

They have massive shoulder pads, which cover their upper arms and protect their faces slightly. There is a large red star on their shoulders, much like the MG Radification Unit, and the helmet resembles that of the MG Hunter.

The chestplate is smooth and more compact, offering the Enforcer a better range of motion as it only covers a small area of the chest, while the soldier's packs remain strapped to their abdomen. Leg armor is more scarce on this soldier, only being applied on the lower leg and foot, while also being very thin compared to other armor types. 

This soldier carries a variant of the Unidentified assault rifle, as seen during Propaganda Games' development of Turok 2.

Known VariantsEdit

Note: All variants featured the same weapons, equipment, and accessories. In addition, all variants have the same matte black visor.

Hunter VariantEdit

The "Hunter" variant of the MG Enforcer sported an orange and black color scheme.

Desert VariantEdit

The "Desert" variant of the Enforcer held a much more light and sandy color scheme, being a light beige and army green. 

Jungle VariantEdit

The "Jungle" variant features light green armor painted on a darker green secondary.

Space VariantEdit

The "Space" variant is the most unique of the variants and features a blue color as its primary color with a dark black as its secondary.

List of appearancesEdit

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