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The act of luring an enemy via the ORO Enforcer Shotguns's flares, or the use of eggs.


Luring is a gameplay feature present in Propaganda Games' 2008 title, Turok. Luring is the act of tricking an enemy dinosaur into attacking an MG Soldier, or even another dinosaur.


This gameplay feature is one that can be life saving when used properly. It can be utilized in two ways: one, the player can use the ORO Enforcer Shotgun's flare launcher to lure dinosaurs to or from certain areas, giving the player an opportunity to kill them; or two, they can destroy a clutch of Utahraptor eggs and send the dinosaur into a fury, making them attack all nearby humans.

The first instance of the flare technique being seen is in "Death Valley," where Slade uses the Shotgun to lure two Utahraptors out of the dark. Later in the level, when the player obtains the Enforcer, they can utilize the flare themselves.

The egg technique can be used very early in the game, starting with "Bad Blood", as there are many egg clutches that can be found around the environment.


This gameplay mechanic is rather easy to utilize. All the player must do is use one of the two previously mentioned strategies to lure a dinosaur over to an enemy or to another area, simply to distract it. If used as a simple distraction, the flare will only distract an enemy creature for about 15 seconds.

It can also be utilized to kill MG enemies, as using the flare properly will result in the flare sticking to the unit, causing him to fall down, while any saurian enemies nearby will try to kill and eat them.

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