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Lost Temple
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Turok: Evolution


Berengia Islandus

"This place only reeks of death."
—Admiral Cowlishank, 342

Lost Temple is an airbourne multiplayer map in Turok: Evolution.


This map bears a massive resemblance to the large pyramid temple seen in "Ancient Ruins." It is triple tiered with a large "road" leading up to the temple and large pillars dominating the roadside.

To the sides and back of the temple are small subsection city areas, with pickups located around these areas. The map itself takes place around evening time, and thus, it gives the temple a more golden hue than usually seen.

In these senses, it is very symmetrical and as such does not require much map remembrance, unlike other maps, such as "Oasis" and "Dark Jungle."


Points of InterestEdit

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