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"The Lost One is a native resident of the Lost Land Junkyard. His [sic] is completely possessed by Oblivion and his mind is mush. He only knows one thing, he wants to kill you!"
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

The Lost Ones are humans that mutated due to all of the waste found in the junkyards of the Lost Land. Deformed and ashamed of their bodies, they fashion new appendages and weapons from the waste found around the junkyards.

Oblivion managed to influence them telepathically to do its bidding, but they were ultimately defeated by Danielle and Joseph Fireseed on their mission to the Nexus.


The Lost Ones are humanoid mutants. Their life in the Lost Land Junkyard has caused their bodies to mutate and decay; the Lost Ones have large, festering sores that cover their bodies. There are two types of Lost One: the blade wielder and the rifle wielder.

The blade wielders wear a type of helmet that may also function as a breath mask. They wear brown pants, a backpack, and have cloth bandages wrapped around their lower legs and feet. For weapons they have fashioned gauntlets to which long, thin blades are attached.

The rifle wielders are similar to the blade wielders, but instead of a full helmet, they wear a breath mask that is connected to a tank on their backs. Their right arms are either covered in dense armor or have been completely replaced by cybernetic limbs. These Lost Ones wield assault rifles.


The Lost Ones are skilled with both hand-to-hand combat and firearms. Some Lost Ones will engage the player with blades, using acrobatics to create a deadly jump-spin attack causing large amounts of damage. To avoid this, the player must keep their distance. The Bow or Shotgun is the best way to counter these enemies, though the Blade or Tomahawk are more than adequate if the player is feeling reckless.

Other Lost Ones use incredibly accurate rifles that cause great damage on higher difficulties. The player must use their surroundings as cover and finish the Lost Ones with long range weapons. If trying to conserve ammo, the player may wish to use any melee weapon at their disposal, but they should be careful when engaging, as the Lost Ones will use their guns as blunt weapons.

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