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Lost Land soldiers
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The Lost Land soldiers are the ground forces that protect Adia and Araissi in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. They are also the prisoners that were taken by the Purr-Linn to the Death Marshes.


The soldiers wear armor that has a Greco-Roman theme. Their armor consists of a gold-tinted breastplate and helmet made of an unknown metal. They also have a red "skirt" and blue pants, as well as boots made of a less shiny metallic material.

Their only known weapon is what appears to be a machine gun with a metallic stock and long barrel. This weapon is not seen anywhere else and cannot be found by the player.

In GameplayEdit

The soldiers appear in a cutscene at the beginning of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil for the first level, "The Port of Adia," in which they are seen fighting back the vastly superior Dinosoid army. The player finds only their corpses littered throughout the city, suggesting that the battle ended in a Dinosoid victory.

The soldiers' model is reused throughout the first half of Seeds of Evil. In "Slaughter by the River of Souls," the model is used for the force that protected Araissi. In "The Death Marshes," it is used for the captured soldiers.


  • Although Adon mentions that the city of Araissi has a weak military force, and though it can be inferred from that that the two cities have separate forces, this article treats the forces of Adia and Araissi as a single entity.

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