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Lord Tyrannus is the leader of the Sleg army in Turok: Evolution. He has launched a sustained offensive upon the Lost Land in an attempt to cleanse it of all peoples that would resist his absolute rule.

Though this offensive is being masked as a pseudo-religious "Holy War," Tyrannus truly believes himself to be chosen to rule by divine providence.


Tyrannus is a large and powerful Sleg who commands the Sleg Army and also wears a long cape as a sign of dominance. His appearance is the same as that of a regular large Sleg but with a head that more closely resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex.

He is only medium-sized for a Sleg; however, he appears to have the power to alter his stature, doubling his height at the very least. He has metal bands on his wrists that have human skulls attached to them. On his back are multiple spines, probably made up of cartilage.


Chapter 11Edit

Tyrannus, ironically, is never actually seen in the game until Chapter 11, leaving most of his personality and development shrouded in mystery and speculation. He is merely mentioned by Sleg soldiers, who call him by name and also state things about him in their native tongue.

His first appearance is in a cutscene where he is shown giving a motivational speech to an army of Sleg soldiers who are about to begin their march upon Galyanna.

Chapter 13Edit

He makes one gameplay appearance in Chapter 13, while having a short, but hostile conversation with Tal'Set and Tarkeen before leaving the Juggernaut via elevator.


He is last seen in his fortress, screaming furiously at his defeat. After the events of Evolution, Tyrannus is not seen or mentioned again, leaving his fate unknown.

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