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Lil is a character that was set to appear in Turok.



The story of Turok was originally meant to be loosely based off of James Cameron's Aliens. Lil was intended to be similar to the character of Newt.

Lil's family was living on the terraformed planet while it was being terraformed. Sometime after the process had begun, dinosaurs had started to appear on the planet without explanation. Soon after, the Mendel-Gruman Corporation came to the planet and killed all of its inhabitants. Lil's parents, who were scientists working on the terraforming project, were killed by MG Soldiers.

After Whiskey Company's ship was shot down, Joseph Turok and other members of Whiskey find Lil and take her in, most likely since she would know the layout of the MG bases.

Eventually Lil would make it off the planet with Turok, Slade, and Shepard.


Some levels would have involved Turok escorting Lil and protecting her. One level would have had Lil and Turok fall into a pitch black dark cave filled with Soldier Bugs. Lil would have held a flashlight and shined it at the Bugs which would keep them away. Turok would have had to stay in the light and fire at the bugs.

Ultimately Lil was cut due to issues with Turok's size, as it was huge compared to other models.


  • It is quite possible that Turok would have been devoted to protecting Lil, as he is haunted by his accidental killing of a Columbian peasant.
  • Despite being cut from the game, Lil's model still exists in the game files.

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