Leaper 42

T2 Leaper



The Lost Land

Average height:

A few feet tall


Quadrupedal appearance

"Disgusting cave dwellers with a taste for blood. Their diagonal jumping patterns make them elusive targets in the open. Hatchlings and mature adults are not very strong, but large males can pack a wallop."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

Leapers are small, reptilian creatures. They have long, thin legs used for jumping, sharp claws and teeth used to attack the player, and muscles made for agility. They make their first appearance in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and are also featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

In Dinosaur Hunter, there are three types of Leaper: infant, adolescent, and adult. All three types behave the same with adults being able to jump farther and do more damage.

A fourth type of Leaper is seen guarding the fourth Chronoscepter piece. They have a darker skin tone and can withstand more damage than regular Leapers.


Leapers are quadrupedal reptilian creatures that have long tails and can climb and leap around. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. The smallest Leaper has a yellow/dark brown coloration, the larger Leaper has a yellowish-brown coloration with red eyes, and the adult has a brown-red coloration. Another variant of the larger Leaper is entirely black with white eyes. All variants of Leaper have large limbs and sharp claws on their feet.

The Leapers encounter by Joshua Fireseed resemble the ones Tal'Set confronted on his quest to stop the Campaigner, but now they display more muscle and have horns on top of their maxillia. They are maroon in coloration with yellow and white accents on some areas of their bodies.


Turok: Dinosaur HunterEdit

The Young and Adolescent Leapers are fairly weak, so it is better to use the Knife and Tek Bow against them, though the player must be careful when aiming as the Leapers will jump around. The sheer number of Leapers in the various cavern systems can easily swarm an unsuspecting player, as well, if they are not on guard.

The Adult Leapers are stronger and tougher than their counterparts. The Shotgun is best used in dealing with them.

The Leaper variant that guards the Chronoscepter piece is by far the strongest. They move much more quickly, and their jumps cover more ground. The Shotgun or Assault Rifle should be used against them.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the player must be careful of all Leaper variants. Their speed enhancement has given the Leapers an easier way to cover land to reach the player in no time. Adult Leapers cover twice as much ground due to their larger size, and under water even the young Leapers are a threat. Leapers are extremely dangerous in close quarters and will swarm the player making it impossible to move around. As always, the most savage Leapers are the ones guarding the Chronoscepter piece, as they can now withstand a full Minigun's worth of ammo; explosive ammo is recommended against them.

Turok 2: Seeds of EvilEdit

These particular Leapers are able to climb ceilings and walls; unless the player has exceptional aim, using firearms would be a waste of ammo. The best way to take these Leapers out is to use the Talon or War Blade when they come near.

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