Kovas Mud Jumper


Mendel-Gruman Corporation

Vehicle type:

Troop Transport and Assault Platform

Ammo/Weapon type:

None specified


Mendel-Gruman Corporation


The Kovas Mud Jumper was an all-terrain vehicle set to appear in Turok, but it was ultimately cut. It was intended for use by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation.


This vehicle looks much like modern day ATVs, with four large, wide wheels; a smooth but hard-shelled chassis; and a blue-grey color for its primary color scheme.

There appears to be no visible logos on the vehicle; however, its usage by the MG Corporation suggests that it would be watermarked with their logo somewhere on the vehicle's body. It is unknown if there was another seat for a second passenger.

The Kovas Mud Jumper is visibly smaller than the MG Jeep.


Nothing is known about how this vehicle would act in gameplay.

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