King Bug


Terraformed planet


Massive Insect/Boss


Massive size and multiple legs.


Cut from the game


The King Bug was a boss intended for Turok. Not much is known about the creature other than that it was massive and it would have been killed by Joseph Turok jamming a grenade into its head.


The King Bug appeared to be a heavily enlarged Soldier Bug. It featured six massive legs, a lumbering body, and a small head with multiple eyes and some sort of tentacle appendages near the mouth area.


Not much is known of exactly how the King Bug would have behaved during gameplay other than what is detailed in concept art notes. The player would have had to shoot off protective panels from the King Bug's joints, exposing soft flesh. The player would then shoot the soft flesh, stopping the King Bug until they could get onto its head and destroy the brain with a grenade.

The King Bug could unleash Soldier Bugs to aid in attacking the player, and it would have had a "roar" attack as well that would temporarily stun the player.


  • The presentation and method of destruction for this creature bears a striking resemblance to the Scarab boss battles from the Bungie's 2007 game Halo 3.

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