Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex
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Terraformed planet

Average height:

4 feet tall


Large head, small two-fingered arms

Notable groups:



——Juvenile Tyrannosaurus roar, over the comm.

The Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the saurian enemies seen in Turok.

Their first and only appearance is in the sixth level, "Mother Superior," after Mama Scarface snatches Gonzales and brings him to the nest, where he is presumably eaten by the babies.

The Juveniles are exclusive to Turok and they do not make an appearance anywhere else in the franchise.


These dinosaurs make their first appearance in "Mother Superior" in a nest made by their mother. They are aesthetically similar to Utahraptors, but they have several differences.

The Juvenile is not only bulkier than the Utahraptor, but they also have their famous two-fingered claws in comparison to the Utahraptor's three. Lastly, the Juvenile has a differing skull structure which is larger and more robust compared to the Utahraptor.

These dinosaurs have a few different colorations. One is a brown color with no secondary color. Another color design is a primarily blue coloration with a slight tinge of brownish-black. The last design is a jungle green color with white on the underbelly.


Juveniles act exactly like Utahraptors in terms of gameplay. They share the same movements, attacks, and weaknesses. With this in mind, the best weapons for fighting these dinosaurs are the ORO Enforcer Shotgun and the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle. Tek Arrows and the ORO FP9 SMG are also very effective weapons to use against them. These weapons are accurate and deal enough damage to kill the T. rexes in only a few hits.

The Juveniles are also attracted to flares, so using them is essential to the player's survival. These dinosaurs are also vulnerable to the knife; however, on "Inhuman" difficulty these T. rexes become very difficult to knife, so the player should attempt sticking to their other weapons. ORO FG8 Frag Grenades can kill them instantly, as can Tek Arrows.


  • These enemies are very glitchy. Killing the Juvenile that first appears before it has a chance to attack the player will cause no other T. rexes to spawn in the nest. Another glitch involves spawning two Juveniles in a cavern while facing Mama Scarface. Doing this will cause the dinosaurs to cease attacking.
  • The Juveniles of Turok are shown to be able to jump at least four feet in the air. In actuality, an infant T. rex would be unable to do this without losing its balance and gravely injuring itself.

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  • Turok (First appearance)
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