Jungle Stalker


Terraformed planet


Genetically modified creature


Large imposing size, plant-like camouflage, and small yellow eyes.


Cut from the game


The Jungle Stalker is a creature that was cut from Turok. It was to be a genetically engineered creature made by the Mendel-Gruman Corporation that would be part human, plant, and insect.

The Jungle Stalker would attack its prey using its teeth and claws.


The Jungle Stalker looked much like a human being; however, it was more muscular and bulky in comparison. It had a green coloration and had faint yellow eyes.

Instead of skin, the Jungle Stalker had plant growth and other tissues that acted as skin, most of which seemed to hang loosely. Its hands were also very muscular and large, implying that it used them for melee.


This creature would have acted in a unique fashion compared to many of the other creatures in the game. It was going to feature instantaneous regenerative abilities and would have been nearly invincible to standard weapons, with firearm ammunition only slowing it down, rather than killing it. It would have required the use of the ESUS Hellfire Flamethrower to effectively wound and kill this creature.

Its eyesight would have been very poor, and its plant-like appearance would have granted it a natural camouflage. Interestingly, the creature's poor eyesight would've forced it to rely on smell, and detection of motion to find its prey. Despite its cumbersome and bulky appearance, this creature would have had superhuman speed and agility compared to a human, but would've moved like a gorilla. This would easily give it an edge in combat.

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