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"The elite members of the Pur-Linn war machine, the Juggernauts differ from the War Clubs in physical appearance, as well as strength and ferocity. The Juggernauts think of themselves as a triumph of evolution, and scorn the lowly War Clubs as inferiors."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

Juggernauts are the elites of the Purr-Linn and first appear in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.


Juggernauts are Purr-Linn that are noticeably larger and stronger than other members of their kind. Like their brethren, they have the same skin coloration, large muscles, and red glowing eyes. They are bipedal and are rather fast despite being heavily armored. They can also leap long distances. Juggernauts are equipped with armor that consists of a helmet that covers their entire face and head, bulky pads that protect their shoulders, and greaves that protect their feet and legs. Their forearms and hands are exposed. They wield an enormous sword.


Turok 2: Seeds of EvilEdit

Juggernauts are armored enemies and are deadly both in close combat and at range. They use their armor to deflect bullets and regular Shotgun shells; with this they are able to limit the amount of damage that they take. They are able to smash through certain walls, which can cause damage to the player if they are not mindful of their surroundings. Juggernauts use swords for melee combat, but the swords also have an attached blaster hidden in the hilt that fires energy blasts. Juggernauts also have a vertical jump attack that consists of jumping and using the sword to cause some sort of damaging shockwave.

To counter these formidable foes, the player must use a variety of tactics. In close combat situations the player can use the War Blade or Shotgun to attack the enemy while circle strafing. Farther away, the Shotgun with explosive shells is useful, though the player should be mindful of the sword's energy blasts, which can be avoided by strafing. The shockwave attack can be jumped over if the player is quick enough. The player can cause the Juggernauts to attack other enemies in order to save time and ammo.

Turok: Rage WarsEdit

Main article: Juggernaut (Rage Wars)

For specific strategies and information on unlockables regarding the specific Juggernaut in Turok: Rage Wars, see the above article.

The Juggernaut is unlocked once the single-player campaign is beaten with the Blind One Guardian. In turn, beating the Juggernaut's single-player campaign unlocks the Oblivion Spawn.

During this campaign, the Juggernaut unlocks weapon upgrades for the Inflator, Freeze Gun, and Grenade Launcher by beating the "Crossroads," Wicked Dance," and "Warehouse" stages, respectively. Additional skins for the Juggernaut are unlocked with 8 and 34 medals.


Turok 2: Seeds of EvilEdit

The Juggernauts see themselves as triumphs of evolution and will not hesitate to kill lower-ranked soldiers within their own clan. The Primagen sought their aid in exchange for a limited reserve of high tech weapons and a vain promise of turning the Lost Land over to the Purr-Linn once they had helped set him free.

Turok: Rage WarsEdit

The Juggernaut, the very essence of Pur-Linn brutality and raw power, was sent to the Rage Wars to crush Joshua Fireseed. They believe that this feat would lead to the demise of the entirety of humankind, the weakling race whose quick progress they greatly resent.

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