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Dinosaur controller/Explosive


The Jak was weapon set to appear in Turok 2. The Jak would fire a small device into a dinosaur, allowing the user to control the creature in a similar manner to the Cerebral Possessor from Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.

The dinosaur could then be used to take out enemy forces. After a short amount of time, the device would explode, killing the dinosaur and any enemies nearby.


This weapon looks much like a hybrid of an Assault Rifle with a needle firing device on the barrel. It is a beige coloration with black highlights, and the needle itself is also dirty and rusty.

There is also a massive scope present that takes up a lot of real estate on the overall design of the weapon.


This weapon would have acted in a unique fashion compared to the rest of the game's known arsenal. When fired, it would launch a projectile that, upon impact with a saurian enemy, would allow the player to control its actions in a third-person view.

This could be used to take out MG Soldiers and could presumably be used against many dinosaur species, including Utahraptors. After an undetermined amount of time, the projectile would explode, killing everything within its radius. It is unknown if the weapon could be used to control Mendel-Gruman or Savage enemies.

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